CLICK'N CUT™ for tag-less protein purification
Universal tool to obtain tag-less proteins in a one-step affinity process. Suitable for R&D, pre-clinical, clinical and industrial manufacturing.
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Simple and versatile tool for protein engineering. Applications in GENE THERAPY, ANTIBODY MODIFICATION, VLPs DECORATION and DIAGNOSTICS.
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ZERA VACCINES - Plant based
NUCLEIC ACID and RECOMBINANT vaccines with improved immunogenicity
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SPLITTERA platform applications

large gene in-vivo reconstitution

CLICK gene

CLICK GENE is an intein-based tool for the delivery of large genes in gene therapy.

targeting of viral vectors

click target

CLICK TARGET is an intein-based tool for site-specific attachement of targeting molecules on the surface of viral vectors

Tag-less protein purification


CLICK’N CUT™ is an intein-based purification technology to obtain pure, tag-less proteins.

antibody bioconjugation

click bio

CLICK BIO is an intein-based tool for site-specific antibody conjugation and for generation of different formats of bispecific antibodies.

protein modification

click bio & CY-CLICK

CLICK BIO is an intein-based tool for site-specific modification of all kinds of proteins.

CY-CLICK allows protein cyclization and generation of cyclic peptide libraries

VLPs surface decoration

click vlp

CLICK VLP is an intein-based tool for site-specific decoration of virus-like particles (VLP).


click DX

CLICK DX is an intein-based tool for increasing the sensitivity of IVD assays.

ZERA platform applications

nucleic acid and recombinant vaccines

vacc zera

VACC ZERA is a vaccine platform based on Zera microplarticles.


BIAT Group in BIO Europe 2022

Bio-Europe November 2–4, 2022 Virtual #bioeurope2022 #zebrafish #naturegift #inteins #clickbio #clickchemistry #antibodies #partnering View in: Biat Gruop in BioEurope 2022

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Click Gene: our technology builds on existing AVV platforms

Click-Gene: our technology builds on existing AAV platforms, which are the main viral vector technology used in #genetherapy applications. Existing AAV-based platforms have been limited by capacity, and #ZIP Solutions is responding to this challenge by enabling delivery of large genes to tissues and cells

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