An intein is an intervening protein domain that undergoes a unique post-translational autoprocessing event, termed protein splicing. In this spontaneous process, the intein excises itself from the host protein and, in the process, ligates together the flanking N- and C-terminal residues (exteins) to form a native peptide bond. Although inteins are most frequently found as a contiguous domain, some exist in a naturally split form. In this case, the two fragments are expressed as separate polypeptides and must associate before splicing takes place, so-called protein trans-splicing.

ZIP SOLUTIONS owns four different pairs of ORTHOGONAL (NO CROSS REACTION) naturally split inteins: Gp41.1, IMPDH.1, NrdJ.1 and Gp41.8, that are extremely fast and highly specific, and are well expressed in different hosts.

ZIP’s split inteins and their usage are protected by a family of worldwide granted patents