ZIP Solutions’ technologies offer differentiation, innovation and competitive advantages, and are ready for partnership.

Different agreements are possible, with well-defined goals and deliverables, with flexible terms designed to suit the specificities of the product of interest and the target market.

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The experience acquired over more than 15 years working in the biotech field has given us a global vision of the sector that can help others to transform their ideas into real projects. Our principal area of expertise focuses on combining applied biotechnology with strategic business management consultancy into the pharmaceutical industry.

The primary goal of our consultancy services is to enable our customers to envisage the opportunities in the biological sector. From concept to product, we will help you planning and executing your project with success, moving your product candidate from laboratory to market.

– Business: business plan generation, market research analysis, competitive intelligence

– Intellectual Property: patentability and FTO studies, portfolio SWOT

– Project management: R&D project design, implementation and execution

– R&D: technological scouting, bioprocess design, feasibility studies, protocol development