CLICK’N CUT™ for tag-less protein purification

CLICK’N CUT™ is a universal and robust tool to obtain tag-less proteins in a one-step process based on intein affinity. It is suitable for every step of product and process development: R&D, pre-clinical, clinical and industrial manufacturing.

How does CLICK’N CUT™ work?

    1. POI recombinantly produced in the host of choice fused to IntC.
    2. Resin, with IntN covalently linked to it, captures IntC-POI fusion thanks to the high affinity existing between the two intein domains.
    3. All undesired proteins are washed away.
    4. Intein mediated cleavage is triggered by a change in buffer’s pH.
    5. Pure tag-less protein elutes from the column
    6. The column can be easily regenerated.

current campaign

receive a free sample

We are currently conducting a campaign to let our customers try the CLICK’N CUT™ purification kit. 1 mL pre-packed columns are available free-of-charge on demand. Testers will be kindly asked to answer a survey after using the kit.


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