ZIP Solutions was founded in 2015 with the acquisition of the assets of the company ERA Biotech. Since 2016, the company is a 100% subsidiary of BIAT GROUP.

BIAT GROUP develops and commercialises biotechnological assets for application in the biopharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetic, veterinary and chemical industries, among others.
It is currently made up of the group’s parent company -Biotechnology Assets- and the subsidiaries Biobide and ZIP Solutions. 

BIAT GROUP operates internationally with locations in Spain (Barcelona, Donosti and Jerez) and in USA (Boston) with a portfolio of international clients of  worldwide recognition within the different sectors of application.

The biotechnology group has been listed since 2012 on BME Growth (continuous) as part of the IBEX GROWTH MARKET 15 (ticker «BST»). www.biatgroup.com