ZERA-nucleic acid vaccines are compatible with the intrinsic advantages of nucleic acid vaccines.

ZERA-nucleic acid vaccines have been developed by ZIP and further validated in collaborations with partners, through their implementation for different indications.

ZERA MICROPARTICLES (MPs), generated upon expression of the sequences administered as vaccine, consists of structurally organized antigens, mimicking a viral pattern. Soluble antigens are often very poorly immunogenic and, when administered as nucleic acid, this can result in a poor performance of the vaccine. ZERA MPs have been shown to drastically improve the immunogenicity of antigens, even those that are poorly immunogenic.

ZERA MPs work as antigen depot and are processed by antigen presenting cells and their slow release sustain and amplify the immunogenic response.

Nucleic acid ZERA vaccines:

  • Antigens are expressed and accumulated at high levels: DEPOT EFFECT
  • Antigens, organized in PBs, are highly stable and slowly processed by antigen presenting cells: SLOW RELEASE
  • Induce significant cellular and humoral immune responses, both promoted by the characteristics of ZERA-based PBs
  • Compatible with Recombinant protein ZERA vaccines for heterologous prime-boost regimen

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