Splittera split inteins allow to site-specifically modify antibodies with toxins (Antibody drug conjugates, ADCs), fluorescent probes, DNA, peptides and proteins, rendering homogeneous products in a very efficient and cost-effective process.

Splittera for site-specific antibody modification:

covalently incorporates payloads to the C-terminus of the heavy and light chains of an antibody, yielding DAR 2 or DAR 4 (DAR, drug to antibody ratio)

– the affinity of the antibody for the antigen is not affected

– allows to modify the antibody with two different molecules by using two orthogonal ZIP’s inteins, achieving DAR 2+2 in a single reaction

– it can be applied to any antibody format, including bispecific antibodies, Fabs, scFv and others.

SPLIT INTEINS for bispecific antibody generation

A particular application of split-intein mediated bioconjugation is the generation of bispecific antibody formats, such as full-length IgGs, BiTEs, and other combinations including scFv domains or Fabs.  

Orthogonal ZIP’s inteins allow you to rapidly screen a high number of different antigen recognition sites to find the best bispecific antibody for your target.

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